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Book of the Mouse Club

Sep 23, 2021

She’s a supergirl and she’s here to save the world...or at least not pass out in her high school debate class.  Twenty years ago, the world met Mia Thermopolis in the Princess Diaries. This film gave Anne Hathaway her royal debut to the silver screen starring alongside the practically perfect Julie Andrews as the Queen, who reveals to her granddaughter that she is no average teenager, but the heir to the Genovian throne. The Princess Diaries has everything we loved about a 2000s film - butterfly clips, scooters, and a rom com makeover montage. While we hold a special place in our hearts for this 2001 film, it actually has its roots in a multi-volume series! Join hosts Courntey and Emily along with their friend and guest, Leeann, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries as they discuss the many differences between the film and its original text as well as all the moments that make this story a Disney live-action classic. And before you go, thank you for being here today *insert princess wave.*

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