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Book of the Mouse Club

Apr 12, 2021

Get ready for a Me Party and plan a solo trip to Walt Disney World and other Central Florida destinations! Hosts Courtney and Emily are welcome back to the podcast Nikky J, the founder of and author of “The Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Guide” to talk about using that solo rider line and traveling to central Florida theme parks by yourself. Traveling alone can often seem daunting but at the same time it limits your experiences when you have to coordinate with others schedules, budgets, and preferences. Nikky is here to tell you it’s okay to go alone and you’ll feel a sense of relaxation and freedom like you haven’t before. And you may find your trip may not be as lonely as you think. 

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About the Author

NikkyJ is a theme park super fan, Author of The Solo Theme Park Traveler’s Guide, the founder and owner of, a wishful Food Critic, coffee enthusiast, and a lover of life! She now resides in Orlando, Florida where she enjoys spending time with her husband and two little girls while discovering the beautiful attractions of Florida.

You can watch her on YouTube or listen to her podcast. Keep up with her via the links below: 

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