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Book of the Mouse Club

Nov 30, 2021

If a collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali seems surreal, that’s because it is, literally. Hosts Courtney and Emily welcome back Dr. Douglas Kern to the podcast to visit a 2015 Walt Disney Family Museum exhibit through its commemorative book titled, Disney and Dali: Architects of the Imagination, to discuss the friendship between the two artists and, at the time, their unrealized animated short, Destino. The project’s completion in 2003 and the opening of Walt Disney World Resort’s Gran Destino Tower in 2019 enlightened many fans, including your hosts, to Disney and Dali’s friendship and their mutual admiration for surrealism, animation, and cinema. To most, Disney and Dali would seem an unlikely pairing, but as the Oscar nominated animated short, Destino, and artifacts from the Walt Disney Family Museum and The Salvador Dalí Museum proved, the two artists were destined to work together. 

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Doug Kern continues to write and publish pieces in Senses of Cinema, Continuum: The Peer Reviewed Journal of African Diaspora Drama, Theatre, and Performance; and Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, among others.

YouTube: Dali and Disney: A Date with Destino Full Documentary