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Book of the Mouse Club

Mar 29, 2022

Happy Women’s History Month! Courtney and Emily discuss Disney Editions’ recent publication, “Women of Walt Disney Imagineering: 12 Women Reflect on Their Trailblazing Theme Park Careers.” This is a collaborative work by twelve former Imagineers who share their stories of designing themed experiences for park guests as well as the uphill battles they faced working in male dominated professions. Contributors include: Maggie Irvine Elliott, Kathy Rogers, Katie Olson, Julie Svendsen, Paula Dinkel, Eli Minceff Erlandson, Tori Atencio McCullough, Pam Rank, Becky Bishop, Karen Connollu Armitage, Lynne Macer Rhodes, and Peggie Fariss. Their stories truly prove that if you can dream it, you can do it. 

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