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Book of the Mouse Club

Jun 29, 2022

Let’s get together yeah yeah yeah…for a Legendary Summer Series! This summer, Courtney and Emily are reading memoirs of Disney Legends. This episode kicks off the summer with “Forever Young” by Hayley Mills. Most known for her performances in Pollyanna(1960) and The Parent Trap (1961), Hayley made six films for Disney and grew up on the silver screen right before the eyes of her audience. Her memoir however, tells the story of the growing up she had to do off screen as she transitioned from a child actor to a young adult. Hayley Mills’ expert performance is extended to her writing. Her vulnerability and melancholic reflection pulls readers into her remarkable story. Courtney and Emily discuss her story through the films Mills made for the Disney Studios and why she is deserving of the Disney Legends Award. 

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