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Book of the Mouse Club

Jul 29, 2022

Courtney and Emily continue their Legendary Summer Series with “From Disneyland's Tom Sawyer to Disney Legend: The Adventures of Tom Nabbe” by Tom Nabbe. A Disney 55er, Tom Nabbe was a newspaper boy hired as a young teenager by Walt Disney himself to personify the youthful adventurer, Tom Sawyer, at Disneyland’s Tom Sawyer’s Island. However, his Disney career wasn’t limited to the shores of Rivers of America. In his 48 year career, he also spent time operating attractions, supervising food and beverage locations, and managing warehouses. He helped open Walt Disney World, Epcot, and Disneyland Paris but is most known for the Nabbe Grabber to help guests retrieve lost items in the parks. His recognition on Main Street and as a Disney Legend is well deserved reminding us that anyone can become a living legend.  

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