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Book of the Mouse Club

Apr 25, 2023

“You Must Be This Tall” to ride, but there’s no height requirement to listen! Consider this your “Keys to the Kingdom” backstage tour of this fun theme park novel, inspired by the experiences of a former Disney Cast Member. Courtney and Emily interview Natalie Keller Reinert about her book “You Must Be This Tall,” a fictional story set in America the Beautiful theme park featuring a cast of Patriot employees. Natalie’s multiple perspective story takes readers through the Patriot and park guest reactions to the company’s leaked plans to refurbish a beloved opening day attraction. A social media blogger causes further trouble for the frontline working Patriots who are just trying to get through the day with a smile on their face and their initial love of the park intact. The book opens the door to readers to become a Patriot employee for the day and experience what it is like to work in immersive entertainment. Any former front-line worker reading will definitely identify with Tabby, Sonia, and Antonia’s day to day park experiences in retail, attractions, and moving up into leadership positions. Thank you to our favorite magic makers who make the parks a welcoming escape from reality. Like the Reinert’s dedication says “You’re the heroes of this fairytale.”

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