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Book of the Mouse Club

Aug 26, 2021

Walt’s Nine Old Men are known for their iconic artistry and animation, but it takes more than ink and paint to make characters come to life. Step away from the animator’s desk and into the sound booth! Courtney and Emily are joined by Spencer Wright to discuss his new book, Voices Behind the Magic, which highlights thirteen actors who gave voice and style to our favorite villains like Yzma, Maleficent, and Captain Hook or magical pals, Mrs. Potts, Fairy Godmother, and Jiminy Cricket. Spencer’s research into the golden age of Hollywood, radio, and television grounds classic Disney films in the greater context of movie making for his readers through the filmography of the voice talents behind the microphone. Enjoy this interview then go rewatch your favorite Disney films or discover deeper cuts in the radio shows of its golden age. You may be surprised by what or who you hear. 

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